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  • On your mark.. get set.. GO!

    Dear Family and Friends,   As most of you know, I have never aspired to be a sales person.  I found it hard to sell when I didn't believe in the pr...
  • Throw in the Towel??

    No, we are not going to 'throw in the towel!!'  We hope you are as excited as we are because our clothes will be in Omaha on Thursday, November 7th...
  • Livin' on a Prayer

    Yes, unfortunately, we are STILL waiting on our product to ship from Mexico!!  In the meantime, we do have some great news to share!   We received ...
  • Where in the world?

    Where in the World…........is Carmen Santiago?  I used to love that game because of course, it is just about my speed.  While my friends are good w...
  • Silence is Golden....

    So, you might be wondering what we have been doing this summer and whether we are still on for launching in September. (And, if you are not wondering, well darn it!)  The short answer is YES!
  • Welcome to My Game Day Collections!

    Our company is devoted to providing comfortable and high-quality clothing styles for women who love to show passion and pride for their teams.
  • Focus Groups

    After holding a series of three focus groups, we have found a few things to be synonymous across most women, no matter the age, body type, or style preference. Those things include.. clothes that are longer, have pockets, are layer-able, are slimming, and don't have such a large logo.

    Based off the results, we have created the perfect first collection..